I found the trick to speeding up the arrival of bjds, once you’ve got a few. Take a group photo, of either all your dolls or the group the new one belongs in. The new one will hurry home to force you to redo the photo sooner than you’d like! It’s worked a few times for me!

I took a group photo of one of my crews a few days ago, not expecting the new doll on order to arrive for at least another month or two. I was realistically hoping to get her by mid March, at best. Look who showed up today, less than 6 weeks after being ordered (during an event, no less) without a shipping notice! I think the postman thought I was nuts, I was so excited and surprised.

She’s an Iplehouse Benny in light brown. Her eyes haven’t arrived yet, and it will be a couple weeks before I have time to paint her, but she’s here and clothed, at least. She desperately needs restringing and sueding, but her resin is very pretty.

Apologies for the crap cellphone pics, I’ll take better ones later.

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